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Film unit

With our high-definition film units, International Film has taken a step towards the future.
The exceptional quality of this format and the flexibility of image recording on hard disk or P2 card have changed the existing order, and represent a revolution in the fully-digital era.


International film has wide-angle and fish-eye lenses, telephoto lenses and filters (UV, polarizing filters, etc.).

Technical facilities

International film has the essential tools for image recording, starting with lighting.
We have complete kits for outside broadcast purposes, lighting projectors or booster lights for broadcast interviews (spots), together with PAR 64 and PAR 56 lanterns, PCs, GALATEC dimmers, base plates, supports, magic arms, clamps, hangers, etc.

International film has control monitors packed in flight cases for completely secure transport.

International film – extra facilities

In terms of equipment, International film has selected a Glidecam boom-arm with a 3D motorized camera head for fluent and meticulous motion capture.

For sound, International film also uses Sennheiser UHF units for discrete and high-quality sound recording.


The magic of HD

International film has taken the HD (high definition) route, as a means of providing high-quality videos.