Post-production, for unlimited achievement.

Our video, audio and photographic post-production facilities give International film the capability to deliver a product which will exceed your expectations.

Post-production unit

International film uses the Final Cut Studio 2 production suite, the standard product of choice for professionals throughout the world.
This software suite incorporates facilities for HD or SD editing, video calibration, soundtrack creation, film compression, original and high-quality DVD authoring.


Audio post-production

We offer facilities for the in-house recording of voice-overs, in the language of your choice, for all types of films, reports and documentaries, and we can provide a range of actors who have been selected for their vocal qualities (men, women and children).

Post-production sonore

We can create original and tailor-made audio backgrounds which will differ according to the subject area concerned (sport, institutional films, reports, documentaries, etc.).

Photographic post-production

International film uses professional image retouching software for the modification, correction and improvement of various aspects of photos :

  • ExpositionExpositionExposure
  • LuminositéContrasteLuminosity / Contrast
  • SaturationTeintesColour (depth, shades, saturation, temperature)
  • DimensionsCadreDimensions / Framing

This retouching allows the production of photo-reportages of a consistently high quality.

Avant après

Transfer and conversion

We are equipped with various video machines (VHS, MiniDV, DVcam, BETACAM, UMATIC, DIGITAL BETACAM, DVCPROHD) for the completion of all types of transfer and conversion operations (PAL, SECAM, NTSC...).


The magic of HD

International film has taken the HD (high definition) route, as a means of providing high-quality videos.